We Are Different

Applying psychology to the real world, The Candover Practice will work with the relationships in your life to help you see different perspectives, understand that the ‘problem’ is neither in you, nor what defines you, but is something bound to and constructed by the contexts in which you live, and into which you were born. As soon as you can recognise that there is always another way, some movement perhaps, or a different way of seeing the world, or being within it, you have the power to change it. After all, if our problems are produced by context, then they can also be altered by context.

It is the butterfly effect: Even the slightest flutter in our own position, perspective, beliefs or attitudes can cause a tidal wave of change across a multitude of different contexts, and across time. All that is needed is the ability to think beyond the here and now, and to appreciate the extent to which our unconscious positioning of ourself and others, in ways that can neither be true nor objective, acts as a limit on our capacity to reach our potential and typically leads to feelings of frustration, hopelessness or loss of direction and control.

In the organisational context, with a background in law and finance, The Candover Practice uses the Tavistock Systems Psychodynamic approach to executive coaching and consulting to help those in leadership roles recognise and value new and alternative perspectives, gaining insight into the organisational and psychological obstacles that have previously impeded success. Working in creative and confidential partnership to develop a more nuanced appreciation of the relational complexities at work, The Candover Practice will provide a sounding board and reflective space to provide managers with time to think through, and chart the various overt and covert issues on the road ahead, allowing them to focus their energies on monitoring and mitigating risky interpersonal or intrapersonal dynamics, and preventing their blind spots from acting to frustrate their strategic goals or serving as barriers to their higher performance.


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