Greater than the Sum of its Parts

The Candover Practice Executive Coaching & Consulting

Owing to the revolution in information technology, intense globalization of markets and competitive pressures, unprecedented levels of risk, shifting patterns of socio-cultural trends and attitudes, customerisation and emphasis on consumer satisfaction, as well as the varying, but oftentimes conflicting, preoccupations with streamlining, outsourcing, downsizing, acquiring, and merging, and notions of social responsibility, empowerment, creativity and innovation, organisational structures, roles and boundaries have never felt so uncertain, fluid or poorly defined. As such, Candover consultants work in creative partnership with those in leadership positions to reduce this sense of fracture, ambiguity and isolation, helping managers to acquire new perspectives, attain greater insight and increased objectivity, as well as a more nuanced understanding of the organisation, its culture and interpersonal dynamics, in order to improve relatedness across the board and encourage group creativity to flourish.

Whether working with the individual or with their team, in 360 degree interview-based assessments, Candover consultants act as a sounding board, actively listening, and mobilising their experience and expertise in human behavior and motivation to produce a composite picture of the relational dynamics of the organisation, thereby enabling senior executives to recognize the emotional life of the business and its people, to develop the capacity to think, reflect and respond to challenges more pragmatically, whilst ensuring their freedom to take necessary decisive action and make sustainable and strategic long-term choices. Through the psychologically informed focus of the Tavistock Systems Psychodynamic approach, Candover consultants help their clients to recognize the kinds of personal and institutional factors which habitually serve to stall and sabotage their development, instead fostering a climate of thoughtfulness, insight and awareness to throw off the shackles that so often impede effectiveness and corporate success.

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